The mother and daughter behind the Anchor Construction Company.




               Grew up in a family where both parents work in the construction industry, therefore she has always developed an interest in architecture and design.


     She has recently graduated High school and decided to take this time for a working opportunity to gain real-world experience in a family-owned company.

     She already has a great understanding and intake in planning, optimizing space, and efficiency in projects.


Designer collaborate and Executive Office Manager of Anchor Construction



                has experience in remodeling and building homes from foundation to finish. Being in the construction field for over 15 years, she has worked with planning, designing, managing sites, and finding the best solution and functionality for the configuration of your space.

     Suzana works full-time between job sites, office work, and customer meetings. Her passion is finding the solution to optimize the space in the best way for the client's desire. 

     Her educational background in architecture and civil engineering overseas brings innovative and creative following with the best solutions when it comes to construction.

Founder, Designer and Project Manager

of Anchor Construction